KBS Sealbags are installed in cable penetration seals where frequent retrofitting is expected. e.g. telephone exchanges, computer rooms, etc. Ideal for sealing inside trunking, they expand by up to 40% in the event of a fire. Totally unaffected by water and adverse weather conditions, they have fire ratings of up to four hours.



KBS Sealant is used to fill small gaps around cables and trays.
KBS Putty is used for sealing larger gaps and openings.
KBS Mortar is a dry mortar mix with a controlled swelling effect, to provide a non-shrinking, smoke and gas tight fire seal with excellent acoustic properties.
KBS Pipe Collars for sealing all types of plastic pipes up to 500mm diameter.
KBS Pipe Wraps are an economical solution for sealing around both plastic and steel pipes.
Foamcoat C11 (supplied in cartridges) has been tested for sealing around PVC pipes, up to 110mm diameter, for a period of 2 hours.