Flamemastic, (now called KBS Coating), was developed in the United States during the 1960's to provide fire protection to the umbilical cables on the Apollo and Hercules space rockets.

Due to the success of the product it was soon being used to provide insulation resistance, and prevent fire spread along cables, in Power Stations, Steel and Aluminum Plants and other manufacturing industries, initially in the USA and eventually throughout Europe.

From the early 1970's, Flamemastic (KBS Coating) was distributed by Berger Paints and Herberts (wholly owned subsidiaries of Hoechst, the German chemical company) but in 1994 a new company, KBS Fire Protection Systems, was formed to become the sole distributor of all KBS products throughout the United Kingdom.
KBS Coating is also used in conjunction with mineral wool panels to create fire resistant seals around cables and other services which, along with alternative products such as KBS Sealant, KBS Sealbags, KBS Mortar, Pipe Collars and Intumescent Wraps, will provide from one to four hours fire resistance.

All KBS products are manufactured to DIN EN ISO 9001 and have over 200 test reports in more than 20 countries. These include British Standard 476, Factory Mutual, Underwriters Laboratories, etc.



The test proves that untreated cables are engulfed in flames while cables with KBS Coating survive even the fiercest assaults.



Cable trays protected with KBS Coating withstand even the toughest fire tests unlike untreated cables of which even the metal is exposed.